Keep Your Head Up

My four year old daughter walks around our house with her head down; more often than not pretending she is a horse. What can I say, she loves horses. While she is walking around in this manner I hear myself (more often than I’d like to) saying to her, “Hanna, keep your head up.” After all, what kind of mother would I be if I let my dear child walk around head down, and a greater potential of harming herself? Ya know, due to the fact that the only thing she can see is the floor and not the wall she’s about to walk into.

On Tuesday, January 30, 2018 I was watching her do this; and although the words, keep your head up, oh man, Hanna keep your head up, circled around in my mind, they didn’t actually make it to the audible state. I believe that is because God was speaking to me about how often He too says these words to His children. It’s like He was highlighting the phrase for me.

Have you ever noticed how often people, myself included, walk around looking down? They do, and I was notorious for this, thinking that if I don’t make eye contact they won’t notice me. Like when you’re a little kid covering your eyes, you think nobody can see you, because you can’t see anyone with your eyes covered? Yeah, same concept. I thought, it would be easier to slip in and slip out of places if I keep my head down; not seeing anyone and not letting them see me or converse with me. I found myself doing this in school, a new job, the grocery store and even and most often at church (sad but true); and if I’m to be completely, 100% honest, I still do this. But, this morning, God has put this phrase on my heart, and I, from this moment forward, will be trusting in Him to strengthen my neck muscles, so that I can, Keep my head up.

Have you ever watched someone walking around looking down, and wondered how they haven’t ran into anything yet, I mean all they can see is their fee and whatever might be on the ground. Sure, they don’t trip, but, they aren’t really aware of their surroundings either. Would you indulge me, by helping me with a little experiment? Don’t worry, it won’t take long. If you can get someone to assist that would be great, if not, it’s ok; you’ll just have to do both things. I’m sure you can handle it though. So, here’s what I want you to do, stand up, and tilt your head down fixing your eyes straight down. Then, write down what you see, yes, even in your peripheral vision. Once you have it written down, stay standing and in the same spot, we’re going to do this again, but this time keep your head up and write down all that you see. Compare the two lists.

How much do we miss when we walk through life with our eyes fixed on the ground, trying to just blend in and not be seen?

Thank you by the way, for helping me with that little illustration.

Why do so many of us walk around like this? Do you think God made you so that you would blend in? No; He made you to be unique! He made you to stand out, that is why He put the brightest light to ever shine on this earth in each and everyone of us, who call him Lord, Savior and Friend.

Who ever you are, no matter what your past holds, you were created intentionally and with purpose; FOR a purpose. You, my dears, both brothers and sisters alike are unique and God is wanting us (me included) to stop walking around with our heads down. He is telling us to keep your head up. Just like I tell my daughter, so she can see where she is going and not run into anything that might hurt her all because she’s looking down.

So, remember, You are alive because you are unique and God has a purpose for you; He has placed inside of you a light that wants to be spread around, shining brightly into the lives of others, so that they too might shine and spread His light. So, Keep Your Head Up, that way you won’t miss the opportunities God has placed before you to shine.

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