Could you?

Can you imagine knowing for years ahead of time that you’re going to be “stabbed” in the back by a close “friend”, (and even knowing who this person is, you still accept him/her into your inner circle) knowing you’ll be tormented, tortured, ridiculed, humiliated and yet still you’re willing to die for just a “chance” that others will believe in you and be saved. Enduring all this for people who may or may not even like you? For people who oppose you at every turn? Could you do that? Could or Can you put yourself in the “shoes” of Jesus, during that particular time, as he went through all of that?

I believe that most mothers, think they could and would do just that for their children; take their children’s place, if it meant saving them. But, if we’re really honest with ourselves and I mean really really honest, would we? I’m not so sure. As a parent I would like to think I would do anything to save my children from harm; and to be completely honest, me being the person I am in Christ, today, I probably would. But, if I didn’t know Christ? If I didn’t have a relationship with the Holy Spirit, would I? If I was still all about me and self-centered, would I put myself in their place to save them from harm? I don’t know that I would. As a matter of fact, In my early 20’s, as a single mother and before I really knew Jesus, I didn’t keep my son out of harms way. I put my son in situations that maybe I shouldn’t have; because, I wanted to be doing what I wanted to do; whether it was hanging out with my friends having a good time, or at home, staying up late, (usually watching movies) letting my son stay up with me, even though he should have been in bed asleep. I didn’t do what I should have known to be right; because I didn’t really have that internal guide (God’s Spirit).

Now, with the Holy Spirit guiding me, I’m a completely different kind of person and parent. My focus is mostly on other’s. Not just my kids and husband, but, people out in the world; some random, some specific. Can I honestly say I am selfless though, not by far. And so back to my original point… If my son or daughter was about to be hit by a car, you bet I’d be pushing them out of the way and taking the hit; if either of them(God willing this never happens) had cancer, I’d be begging God to let me trade places with them. But would I do these things for someone else? For someone who hated me? For someone who constantly treated me poorly, who tortured me? If I’m being honest, I’d say no. I’d say while it’s terrible what they’re going through, I think, I’d just be thankful it’s not me. Is that bad? I think in some ways yes, and in some ways no.

I guess that’s why Jesus was the Perfect sacrifice, because He was without sin, and therefore didn’t have those kind of thoughts. It wasn’t even a question for him.

Can you even fathom that? IT WASN’T EVEN A QUESTION FOR HIM. As the point of no return came closer and the anticipation built up in him, did he ask for God to take this burden away from him, (if it’s God’s will)? Yup, he sure did, but, He knew that was not God’s will and so he willing continued on with fulfilling his purpose.

He set himself aside, and endured the torment (emotional and physical) for all people that believe in him. Talk about living an other’s kind of life. Everything this man did was for others. EVERYTHING!

Now, in understanding the concept of living an “other’s kind of life”, I now ask, Would you be willing to walk in another person’s shoes in order to save them? What would the world look like today if You and I lived even just a fraction of the selfless life Jesus lived?


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